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(SL09) Lipo laser Slim Machine Lipo laser

(SL09) Lipo laser Slim Machine Lipo laser
Product Detailed
1. lipo laser slim 2. vacuum, cavitation and RF, lipolaser 3. salon first choice 4. weight & cellulite reduction, body shape

SL09A Lipol aser Slim System

905nm laser as lipo laser, cold laser, strong cavitation, RF... 

fast lipolaser cellulite reduction and body shaping macine

Working Theory:

Vacuum Suction

The deep-seated negative pressure suction can stimulate the skin deep-seated tissues, speed up blood circulation, activate hypodermis fatness, improve lymph circulation, accelerate to dissolve the fatness into the fatty acid, together the toxins and redundant water in the body to exhaust out. It makes the skin much tighter and more elastic, part of the body slim and tight, improves gestation wrinkle and orange skin tissue. It special aims at the slack skin and accidental phenomenon after liposuction operation and production the baby; it has very good tightening and renewing functions.


RF energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and extra-cellular matrix where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of the new collagen and elastic fibers

While at the same time, high level RF energy selectively increases the temperature of fat cells doing so simultaneously in the deep and superficial layers of fat. This increases metabolism and the release of liquid fat from fat cells. After treatment and release of liquid fat, the fat cells shrink in size and skin is restored closer to original form, reducing or eliminating the cellulite appearance.


Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds    to generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion. Through the continuing implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids, which stimulates the activity between the adiposities and the intercellular liquids, disintegrates the fat cell membrane,stimulating continuously with strong cavitation pressure wave leads to disrupt the emulsion and triglyceride contents in adiposities. The released fatty acids are cleared by endogenous processes

650nm & 904nm lipo laser (lipo laser as the key part of the machine)

  650nm laser energy can effectively active and repair the damage cells. At the same time, it can stimulate normal cell metabolism and fast the blood circulation, which can effective improve skin tissue, make skin whiten, tighten and elastic.


   904nm lipolaser is invisible and belongs to far infrared spectrum. This kind of semiconductor laser can selective reach to skin deep layer, even to the muscle layers through cellulite layer. With 904nm laser, it can improve the liquid flow between skin and muscle cells and the deep skin cell’s movement, which helps to strength the skin elasticity. At the same time, the 904nm laser can fast the circulation of tiny blood vessel to improve the eliminate of surplus fat and toxin through lymph circulation


Explode fat cell and break down stubborn cellulite.Removal excess fat of arm, thigh, waist and hip, shape the body lines, prevention of relaxationImprove metabolism and blood circulationImprove stretch marks; strengthen the elasticity of tissue fibroblasts.Body Shaping: lift and tighten arms, thighs, sculpture waist and abdomen where relaxation after pregnant, cellulite improvement.lipolaser fast slim and cellulite reduction


Dual Slim Head:  The first time that combines the Cavitation and Bi-polar RF tech in one treatment head. The cavitation fat cracking and bi-polar RF increasesing metabolism and the release of liquid fat from fat cells finished in one step which maximized the cellulite reduction speed and level. It is more effective in intractable cellulite cracking and melting

Strong Vacuum suction, 10MHz Bi-polar RF and 604nm lipolaser. They can effective improve and fast cellulite metabolism and circulation of body liquid and toxin. Strong Suction of vacuum offer a good and visible body sculpting and shaping, while the RF energy can improve the skin elasticity and make the skin tighten and elastic

(SL09) Lipo laser Slim Machine Lipo laser

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